Domestic Violence, Paternity, and Termination of Parental Rights

Domestic Violence often happens to men and women without recognition. If a member of your household has assaulted, committed sexual battery, stalked, kidnapped, falsely imprisoned, or caused you other physical harm call 911 and then the Law Office of Roni J. Devack, P.A.. You may need to apply for an injunction against domestic violence (in some states known as an Order of Protection).  This Court Order is designed to ensure your safety against imminent danger. A temporary injunction may be issued without notification of the hearing to the other person if domestic violence is established by strong and clear evidence.

Paternity and Termination of Parental Rights are each important, child-related, family law matters with opposite legal outcomes. Paternity is a favored proceeding involving the birth of a child between the natural mother and biological father who are not married.  The biological father may acknowledge paternity with or without DNA testing. Once paternity is established, certain rights and responsibilities arise among the legitimatized child, the father, and the mother such as time-sharing, child support, health care benefits, and inheritance rights  for the child.  These rights can be formalized and adopted by the Court in a mediated Parenting Plan.  

Termination of Parental Rights, while feasible, is considered a challenging legal process.  The reason is the State seeks to protect children's rights, prevent them from becoming a public charge, and promote family life.