My Wife and I are having marital difficulties. She just withdrew $10,000.00 from our joint saving account. Will I be entitled to recoup the money if she spent it?

Your Wife’s unilateral and arbitrary withdrawal or spending of these monies will be deemed a wrongful dissipation of marital funds or marital waste. The $10,000.00 will be added to your joint asset list for purposes of equitable distribution and distribution of property.

My Husband has credit card debt of $25,000.00 and I have credit card debt of $10,000.00. Will I be responsible for the credit cards in his name?

The marital debt is $35,000.00 and each of you will be responsible for one-half of the total credit card debt provided the debt of the other party was not due to marital waste.

In 1990, my Wife started a pension plan through her employer in her name solely. We were married in 1995. Will I be entitled to any portion of her pension benefits in the divorce?

Generally, you are entitled to one-half of the marital portion from the date of marriage until the date of filing your Petition for Dissolution.